Expert Social Media Kick-Off Tips for Local Businesses

These days, the majority of your local customers are searching up businesses online before they make a purchase.

They’re looking for reviews, trying to find information on websites, and even going to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to ask for their friends’ opinions.

So why are some businesses not active online? Well, too often I hear small business owners make statements like, “It takes too much time” or “I don’t know where to start.” But, I’ve found that the main reason business owners have yet to take that step into the realm of the internet is because of the overwhelming amount of information out there. And this makes complete sense. But the problem lies in how most business owners think of social media as being “free” with the main cost being TIME.

digital marketing small businessThere is simply too much information for the average business owner to absorb when it comes to how they can market their company online. Even when you meet expert digital marketers, you will find that they each have their own speciality or niche they focus on. If you need something specific done, it will be adequate to go to an expert for the one-off project. However, you’ll find that working with a company who has an abundance of resources is better for a comprehensive and consistent monthly marketing plan. This builds a channel of continuous leads or new customers for your business. But for now, we’ll cover some awesome growth hacks you can use to kick-off your online strategy.

Check out the competition.

Research your competitors. If some of them have become active online, check out what they’ve been up to. Find the top 2-3 in your niche and look at what they have had success with. The main things you want to keep an eye out for are the number of shares and likes on a post, and the type of content they are posting. Are they doing Facebook offers? Posting videos of them performing their service or a product demo? Do they post funny content, serious content, or informational content? Take lots of notes on what’s getting the best response. Now you have a starting point when generating your own content.

Quality over quantity.

You don’t need to burn out from making 3 posts per day, but you should stay consistently active on your social media platforms. Whether you can budget in the time to create 2 posts per month or 2 posts per week, you want to show the online world that the information you share is of value to them, and not meaningless rabble. Scheduling your posts ahead of time in batches can help you manage your time and content effectively.

Consistency is key.

Remaining consistent shows your online customers that you take your business seriously and have made an effort to constantly communicate with them. Whether it’s posting at the same times each week or ensuring you reply to messages within at least 30 minutes during business hours, you should build an image of reliability with your audience.

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