Copywriting & Social Media

It’s a free tool that provides unparalleled leverage. Once you know the right online strategy for your business, it’s a no-brainer to join in.

Web Design

I build kick-ass websites that are designed to reel your customers in, not just give them a bunch of basic information to check out.

Email Marketing

If you’ve got customers walking into your store every day and don’t have an email list yet, there’s a huge slice of cake waiting just for you!

What else?

Free Consultations

Whether you want to branch out into something new online, or just have a few questions about where you should start, I’m happy to help you figure things out.

Referral Program

Want some extra work done on your website for free? Or do you prefer an awesome cash percentage?

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What my clients say

We initially had Nicole help us with client outreach on LinkedIn for our Syrian refugee employment support program. Now, a few months later, we’re in the process of designing a website with her. She gave us a great deal on the project to support the endeavors we’ve been working on over the last year in the Waterloo Region.

Jay Mian Tri-City Labour

You went above and beyond to design a modern website and email marketing plan for my real estate business. The project was completed in a timely manner of less than a week and she gave me a great deal on website management services. I look forward to working with you in the future and start our campaigning on social media.

Rana Jamil Axxess Realty

Nicole designed us a website that targeted our wholesale customers online. She also listed us in search directories and set up our email and social media marketing, plus provided advice on how we can DIY it. We’ve already started to see more phone calls coming in from the website. Very pleasant to work with, we consult with her in all matters related to online business.

Mike & Marwan Ontario Autobody Supplies

We’re a property management company and Nicole helped us redesign our old website so our clients could view available properties and apply to rent directly on our website. She also helped us increase the number of rental applications with the traffic we were already getting. I am pleased to have hired her as our marketing strategist and web designer.

Eman SafadiĀ  Amina LLC

Nicole has managed our social media marketing since May 2016 and we have tracked significant progress in lead generation online. She has helped us with our branding, visual content, website strategy, and paid advertising. I recommend her services to any local business looking to expand their client base through use of social media.

Moe Shaheri KW Cellular

Each business is unique

Your website and social media presence is the core of your online business, but there are SO many other ways we can get online leads. Here are some other websites I work with.

  • Google Analytics, Adwords, and Business Listings
  • Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other search directories
  • Kijiji and Admarkt for Business
Social Media Management
Web Design
Email Marketing

DM me on Instagram to get the fastest response possible. All quotes, questions, & comments are welcome!


Flashback 7 years ago to a young Nicole. Though I was obsessed with yoga and wellness, I was having a hard time turning it into a business. So, one day I was scrolling through my favorite yogi accounts on Instagram when I realized something huge: Social media is the new “word of mouth”.

Why was that such a revelation? Well it’s crazy because in university we were taught about how “word of mouth” marketing is the most powerful, yet never shown how much of that has transferred over to the online world (especially with millennial segments). It’s a huge gap just waiting to be filled in for a lot of businesses!

My goal is to show you how powerful the online world really is. It’s what helped me build my own passive income on Instagram (@colecopp). So, let’s kick things off right by checking out this Ted Talk on SMM.

If I’ve managed to spark your curiosity, shoot me an email and we’ll get your business on the road to success via the internet. Also I’ve been told I’m not as socially awkward as one would expect a computer geek to be, so I guess that’s a soft plus.